I never say no to an adventure or meeting new people. With camera(s) in hand, I am driven by wanderlust to explore the world. Fortunately, my job has enabled me to travel to some of the most amazing parts of the world, allowing me to meet fascinating people and see God's amazing creations. I’ve spent time exploring the souqs of Bahrain, watched the midnight sun neither rise nor set in Norway, swam in the North Sea, hiked the Napali Coast in Hawaii and ate octopus in Japan. I have lived on two continents, but Anacortes is home for me, my incredible bride and my three wonderful children. In short, I am a blessed man.

I love that a well done portrait can show truth and be subjective simultaneously. I believe photography is the single best medium to portray reality while leaving room for interpretation within the same image. I am always seeking to create images that go beyond a simple "Wow!". I want to capture a moment for my subject that will evoke feelings of joy just by a glance at the printed image. I want my art to allow others to engage and relate, even if they don't know the subject. And I am always seeking a shallow depth of field portrait that pulls the viewer in before falling off into creamy and smooth eternity.